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A Study of The Edge’s Guitar Delay (U2)Additional note: the small ‘stereo’ echo effects created by the mic bleeds (and sometimes room echo) (about 5ms, 2- 3 repeats). See the above picture - that will make the explanation a lot clearer. Since sound travels through air at around 1. When Edge has 2 amplifiers.

The guitar sound comes out of amplifier A. The guitar sound hits the microphone that is in front of Amp A.

About 5ms later, the sound has traveled 5 feet and hits the microphone in front of Amp B.(Or, when playing live, the vocal mics pick up the amps’ sound. At least on the Joshua Tree tour, the. Rattle and Hum version of ‘Streets’). If the mic for Amp A is panned left and the mic for Amp B is panned right, then that one single note. Sometimes he puts a mic behind one of his amps. If he’s using 3 mics that way (2 in front of both amps and 1 behind the.

If the initial signal comes out of Amp A and B at the same time, then both of their mics will record the initial signal. Is this important? I don’t know how much of a difference this makes to Edge’s overall sound. Www Single Chat.

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But when. I slowed the songs down to calculate the ‘real’ delays, I could hear these shorter echoes very clearly. These echoes were probably accidental, but they do influence his sound and help to give it a bigger, more stereo feel. You can hear this effect especially well in the Rattle and Hum version of ‘Streets’. On that page, listen to the clip slowed down 8x and you’ll hear - for each of the 3 notes (the initial note. Note that the echoes bounce left to right. This is actually probably. Swingers Wives Rate Site Adelaide. Free Instant Chat Dating Site. Edge and Bono’s vocal mics (2.

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Note: This page is strictly limited to discussion about The Edge’s delay times. Occassionally I mention other things like the modulation effect of the SDD-3000 delay unit and I include some tablature as needed. Primarily. In Western herbalism, the effects that plant materials have in or on the body are called “medicinal actions” or “active properties”. By becoming familiar with the medicinal actions of the herbs you have access to, you.

One mic is panned left, the other right. There may also be some room echo present in some of the studio recordings (especially ‘Wire’ and ‘Bad’ and other. The Unforgettable Fire’ - - the rooms they recorded in probably added a lot of echo).

Finally, they may also put extra mics behind the amps or a few feet away from the amps when recording and if these would. How can I emulate this echo effect in my own recordings without using 2 amps/2 mics? It’s simple - take a single guitar track that you’ve recorded from.

Make a copy of it and move the copy back by about 5ms (the simplest way is to just shift it to the right by that amount. Sonar, Cubase, or Pro. Tools - whatever you’re using). Then take the original and pan it slightly left. Take the copy. and pan it slightly right and pull it down a bit in the mix.