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Updated Facebook Friends Ranking Bookmarklet to Work with Graph Search – thekeesh. I have noticed something interesting… if this is based on interactions from my side, there is a couple things I’m wondering. For the sake of simplicity, I’m categorizing 4 types of people that I usually ‘interact’ on daily basis. A. Close friends, is put on ‘close friend’ status, I liked/commented/private message them on almost daily basis from newsfeed.

They don’t check my facebook/timeline but I check theirs at least once everyday/two days, aside from the newsfeed. B. Regulars usually they are the ones who kept liking/commenting/whatever on my timeline, have some PMs and I usually respond, but I don’t check their timeline/facebook. Best Dating Apps In New York City here.

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You’re in control of who can see the things you share on Facebook. For example, if you post a photo and set the audience to: Only Me If you choose this audience, no one else can find it in search. Friends If you choose this. 105 thoughts on “Updated Facebook Friends Ranking Bookmarklet to Work with Graph Search”.

C. People who I dont have much interactions with but tagged in same photos. Dating German Culture here. D. People I stalk, minimal interaction aside from some mutual likes, but I open their FB at least a couple times a day. Now, from the list, it’s strange but here’s what I see on the first 1.

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B2. B3. B4. C5. D6. B7. C8. B9. C1. 0. Amy other close friends are ranked 2.

I also noticed it shows three of people I didn’t add as friends but I viewed their profile a couple of times (and I’m positively sure they don’t check my facebook at all as they don’t know me) inside the first 4. At first I thought these only really counts YOUR views to their timeline, but it doesn’t seem to be that way since I have plenty of people I dont check showing up in my first 1. And definitely photo tags together count, or anything that mentions you and them together a lot, even if you don’t necessarily interact with each other. Still, the list was very random, I have to say!