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Astrological Matchmaking AALOK SHANDILYAArranged Marriage by Astrological Matchmaking. Match making is a process of finding the exact match for making them a married couple. Astrology is the most important thing which comes in mind while thinking about marriage. Many cultures in the world opt for horoscope matching for long lasting relationships. Even nowadays some culture strictly follow arranged marriages with the help of match making process.

The horoscope of groom and bride are checked for match by an astrologer. If both horoscopes match and both the families approve their relationship and fix their marriage. Match making is known as astrological compatibility in other words. It is a process of mapping the angles of the planets and their positions in the zodiac of the bride and groom.

The relationship between bride and groom is considered by taking into account, the negative and positive relationships between the angles of planets and zodiac in their horoscope. Indian astrology is pioneer in match making and examining compatibility between the horoscopes to make them a long lasting couple. Majority of people consult with the astrologer for match making. Astrologer examines the compatibility of the bride and bridegroom. If the matching aspects is good or satisfactory then these couples are arranged for marriage when the two families agrees to their marriage. Dating Agencies China on this page. The compatibility between a boy and girl are found by comparing the zodiac and stars. Hindu custom is following this way of match making even nowadays.

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The fundamental concept of match making depends upon the signs of the moon at the time of birth of boy and girl who are supposed to get married each other. Dating A Younger Muslim Man on this page. Very pe. 3rson has individual birth qualities and constellation. There are many constellations such as animal, tree, birds, directions ruled, attraction and repulsion of certain stars and beneficence to certain stars by comparing the distance between them.

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For checking constellation match the following qualities are needed. Vashya, Bhakoota, Nadi, Yoni, Rajju, Yujja, Ayya Varga, Chandra Yoga, Pakshi, Stree Deergha, Linga, Tara, Gana, Varna, Mahendra, Vedha, Gotra and Graha Maitri. Each aspects are given some numeric values. The horoscope matching is very important as it compares the natural tendencies and compatibility of a boy and girl to get married and have a long life relationship.

Find Lakhs of verified Singapore Matrimony profiles on Jeevansathi. Safe & Secured matchmaking with exclusive privacy. Add your profile Now! List of gotras The word gotra means 'lineage' in the Sanskrit. People belonging to a particular gotra generally are of same caste in the Hindu social system. Yagna, Dana and Gotra. the Gotra as an institution and a consideration for matchmaking vanished and marriage outside one's Gotra became the rule. Jangid Matrimonials, Jangid Matrimony, Jangid Matchmaking Marriage, Jangid Brides, Jangid Grooms, Hindu Matrimonial Services, Vishwakarma Jangid Brahmin Matrimonial.

The aspects that are considered as very important are as follows. Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoota and Nadi. They are assigned by numeric values starting from 1 to 8 respectively. The astrologer compares the horoscope and assign values to those aspects according to it. The horoscopes are considered as perfect match only if the total summation of all values of the aspects reaches 3.

Ghaisas as a surname is prevalent only in Chitpavan brahmans of the Bharadwaj gotra who hail. This profession led them to be experts in matchmaking and also in the. Arranged Marriage by Astrological Matchmaking. Match making is a process of finding the exact match for making them a married couple. Astrology is the most important. Free Marriage Compatibility Report. Horoscope Matching. Welcome to this free horoscope matching tool. This is a complete and reliable tool to verify whether two.

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The match can be satisfactory if the value is greater than 1. The factors that are considered for match making are mutual control, spiritual development, obedience, temperaments, friendship, children and growth of family, mutual love, affliction, nature of quality like man, god and demon, mutual beneficence, service to husband, mutual repellence, duration of married life, attachments and longevity of relationship. After the matching of horoscopes, the next stage is arranging for a meeting of spouses by family members. If the meeting results in positive manner, the spouses mutually agree to marry each other. Teen Adult Dating Mackay on this page.