Plenty Of Fish Dating Horror Stories

Fundamentalist Fish Stories by Edward B. Christian Perspective: Fundamentalist Fish Stories. Edward B. Davis*Associate Professor of Science and History. Messiah College Grantham, PA 1. From. Perspectives on. Science and Christian Faith,4.

Response: Bergman©1. American Scientific Affiliation. According to a persistent story, exactly one hundred years. James Bartley was swallowed by a sperm whale off the Falkland Islands.

About thirty- six hours later his fellow sailors found him, unconscious but alive, inside. What follows is the result of my attempt to uncover the real. Who did swallow Jonah, who did swallow Jonah, who did swallow Jonah down? A few years ago when a relative of my wife passed away, I was asked if I wanted to have. I didn't expect to. The departed had been a kind, gentle woman of deep.

Christian faith, a finer woman than many I have known, but not inclined to serious study. Certainly I expected to find a few. America that I knew she must have had. A cursory glance at the pile. There. was nothing here to get excited about, and only very few things that gave me cause to.

Science in Christian Perspective. A Whale of a Tale: Fundamentalist Fish Stories. Edward B. Davis* Associate Professor of Science and History Messiah College.

Plenty Of Fish Dating Horror StoriesPlenty Of Fish Dating Horror StoriesPlenty Of Fish Dating Horror Stories

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But hesitate I did, in one case, long. Winona Lake Bible. Conference" in 1. Winona Echoes, it proudly called itself.

Knowing that the. Harry Rimmer, in whom I have a long standing interest, I began to turn. That was when they fell out- -two old, folded, badly torn pieces of paper that had been. Jonah and the. Whale" by Harry Rimmer. Yes, Rimmer was here, and not just Jonah. Two more of his. favorite subjects, "Noah's Ark and the Deluge," and "Modern Science and the. Long Day of Joshua," followed in the wake of the whale.

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Plenty Of Fish Dating Horror Stories

I was beginning to feel proud. A real find," I muttered to no one in particular as I put the volume. I had rejected. "Too bad there aren't. Little did I know, as I bent over to pick up the two scraps. Little did I know. I placed the fragile collection of sermons on the shelf with the rest of my literature.

I had overlooked in my excitement would take me on a fishing. British seaport and, at least vicariously, to the South Atlantic and. New Zealand in search of a whale. I began to realize just what I had found about four years later. In the meantime I had. One day as I was preparing a lecture on anti- evolutionism in the period between.

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Scopes and Henry Morris I pulled the old Winona volume off the shelf, whereupon the two. This time I looked at them more closely. One, when I had. succeeded in unfolding it without adding to the several tears it already possessed. Jonah and the Whale" by Professor Albertus. Pieters of Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, published in the Moody.

Bible Institute Monthly in September, 1. In less than two pages the author. In the process he cited not only some accepted scientific. Jonah. that was repeated in the second enclosure, which was clearly a tract.

A SAILOR. SWALLOWED BY A WHALE," the tract proclaimed in large letters above a poorly printed. A Sperm whale crushes a boat." The tract bore no date, but. Winona Echoes between which it had. It carried the. by- line of one Fred T. Fuge, whoever he was, but in fact quoted (apparently verbatim) at.

Fuge identified as "the well known book, Can A Young Man Trust. His Bible?- -; By Arthur Cook, Missionary to Iceland." (I later learned that the. Gook, not Cook.) Fuge began by stating categorically that "[t]he. M. de Parville, editor of the famous Journal. DИbats, whose name and reputation as a scientist are a sufficient answer to those. Jonah into question from a scientific standpoint." What follows. The whaling ship Star of the East, was in the vicinity of the Falkland.

Islands, searching for whales, which were very scarce. One morning the lookout sighted a. Two boats were manned. In a short. time one of the boats was near enough to enable the harpooner to send a spear into the. With the shaft in his side, the animal. He swam. straight away about five miles, when he turned and came back almost directly towards the.

The second boat waited for him, and when but a short. As soon as his back showed above the surface of. The pain. apparently crazed the whale, for it threshed about fearfully, and it was feared that the. Finally the whale swam away, dragging the. He went about three miles and sounded or sank, and his whereabouts. The lines attached to the harpooners were slack, and the.

As soon as they were. The boats attempted to get beyond the reach of the animal, which was apparently. The. whale struck it with his nose and upset it.

The men were thrown into the water, and before. James Bartley had. When the whale became quiet from exhaustion the waters were searched for. Bartley, but [he] could not be found; and under the impression that he had been struck by. The whale. was dead, and in a few hours the great body was lying by the ship's side, and the men ere.

They worked all day. They resumed operations the next forenoon, and were soon down to. The workmen were startled while. The vast pouch was hoisted to the deck and cut open. He was laid out on. He was carefully treated by the captain and officers of the ship, and he. At the end of the third week he had finally.

At this point the account shifts from what might have been related by any member of the. Bartley himself. What follows is a gruesome description. Bartley felt, heard, and thought as he slid down into the whale's stomach, where. During the brief sojourn in the whale's belly, Bartley's skin, where it was. His face and. hands were bleached to a deadly whiteness, and the skin was wrinkled giving the man the. Bartley affirms that he would probably have lived. He says that he remembers the sensation of being lifted into the air by.

Then there was a frightful rushing. This sensation lasted but an instant.

He felt about him, and his hands came in contact with. It finally dawned upon. He could breath, but the heat was terrible. It was not of a scorching, stifling nature. He became very weak, and grew sick at the stomach. He knew that there was no hope of escape from his strange prison. Death stared him.

Bartley is not a man of a timid nature, but he says that it was many. The skin on the face. Bartley has never recovered its natural appearance. It is yellow and. The health of the man does not seem to have been. He is in splendid spirits, and apparently fully. The whaling captains say that they.

They say that it frequently happens that. Bartley did and come. There the account ends. The rest of the tract is devoted to upholding the credibility of. Jonah and Christ's reference to it in the Gospel of Matthew- -a. What was I to make of all this?

Somehow it all sounded a bit familiar. I thought I. recalled hearing something like it many years before, in an otherwise long forgotten. I would never be able to dredge up.

But was the story true. On a hunch, I thought I'd try checking a reliable source, the New York. Times, just to see whether they might have picked up a story like this one, which was. But where to start? Fred Fuge's account failed to date the. Fortunately the article by Pieters (the other piece. Winona volume) filled in that minor detail, giving the date as February.

In the Times Index for that year I found quite a few entries about whales and. Bartley story. Ditto for the next year, the. I got to the volume for 1. And then, all of a sudden. Whale; man swallowed by ..

With growing excitement I retrieved. Sunday, November 2. I was looking for on page 1. The Mercury. of South Yarmouth, England, in October 1. A perusal of the other issues of the Times. Bartley story, from.

I learned that a Harlem preacher had verified the existence of a barque of 7. Star of the East, built in Glasgow, based in London, and commanded by a. Captain J. B. Killam. All this was good news, as it lent credence to this wild story that I was now starting. National Science Foundation.

I had. been awarded a grant to study the unpublished papers of Robert Boyle, housed at the. Royal Society in London. This was almost too good to be true. Not only. would I get to do some serious archival work on Boyle, but I'd be spending the summer in. London, just when it looked like my whale story was taking a British turn. Did Amanda Bynes Hook Up With Liam Hemsworth.

As I packed my. bags, I made sure to include copies of everything I had found thus far, hoping to do a. My first opportunity came when I discovered that the British Library was open three. Royal Society was closed- -fishing, anyone? Casting out my. line, I quickly reeled in copies of the two sources of the Bartley story named in Pieters'. Ambrose John Wilson in the Princeton Theological Review from.

British engineer Sir Francis Fox, Sixty- Three. Years of Engineering, published in 1. Wilson, a schoolmaster from South Africa who. Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, was also an Anglican rector who. British society. He saw in. Bartley story a ray of hope, accessible historical evidence to turn against the.

His article is chock full of interesting information and. Jonah story from an 1. Edgartown whaler. But his version of the Bartley story comes straight from Sir.

Francis, whom I suspect he knew; certainly both were leading members of the British. Born in the mid- 1. Sir Francis was the son of Sir Charles Fox, whose firm. Crystal Palace. Sir Francis.

London Underground, bridging Victoria Falls, tunneling the Alps, and shoring. St Paul's. His dream of laying a tunnel under the. English Channel is only now being realized. He also served as a magistrate, using his. One particularly notable case involved a man who had burglarized Sir Francis' own.

Sir Francis visited. Later he. enlisted in the Army and was killed in France, but before leaving for the front he wrote. Sir Francis included this.

The same evangelical fervor was. Sermons from Science" series later associated with Irwin Moon and the.

Moody Institute of Science. Samples of what the soldiers encountered in these lectures can. Talks with our Wounded Heroes," printed by Sir Francis.

His treatment of. The fact that a prism divides a. One in Three and Three in One, the most perfect. Trinity." Drawing out the analogy. Sir Francis notes that "violet is the chemical and actinic ray, yellow. Persons of the Trinity."Sir Francis' version of the Bartley story, which gets a whole chapter in his.

Wilson later did, to defend the credibility of the. Jonah story. As for the account itself, there was nothing in it not also in Fuge's tract. England, Bartley was. London hospital for the injury to his skin- -which I might be able to verify. I had a pretty good idea when the incident was. What interested me most was Fox's statement that the whole matter was "carefully.

M. de Parville, the scientific. Journal des DИbats of Paris, well known as a man of sound judgment. Although de Parville had died during the war, Fox added (he. Journal had. sent Fox an English translation that de Parville himself had used summarizing the results.

Fox) "that the. account given by the captain and the crew of the English whaler is worthy of belief."Who was de Parville, whom both Fuge and Fox cited as an authority on the Bartley story? And what had he learned from his investigation? Eventually I would reel in the answers.

I went fishing after medical records that might survive pertaining to the. Bartley's parboiled skin. As a start, I paid a visit to the library of the Royal College of Surgeons, where I. London hospitals in the 1. I could probably see a copy of "The Psychology of Animals Swallowed. Alive," a brief monograph by Sir John Bland- Sutton mentioned in Wilson's article. I. was soon ensconced in a corner with a presentation copy of the Bland- Sutton and all the.

London hospitals I could possibly want. Alas, I caught nothing that day, not. To be sure, Bland- Sutton did mention.

Jonah, but it was the biblical version (which he was inclined to doubt) and not Bartley's. Edgartown whaleman that Wilson. Nor did any of the hospital histories mention treating such a case.

Some time later, at the British Library, I searched. Lancet and the British Medical Journal for 1. I debated with myself whether to try searching hospital records from. I could locate them, the task would. Still lacking solid confirmation for my whale story, I decided not to try.

As I was leaving the RCS library, however, a staff member asked me whether I had seen the. Julian Barnes, A History of the World in 1.

Chapters. that had appeared recently in one of the London papers. No, I hadn't.". "You should look it up," he said, "as it tells a story remarkably like the. I was at once both excited.

Had he found it first? Had I been. scooped? The public libraries were already closed for the day, so I hustled over to the. Charing Cross Road, where I found a copy of Barnes' book. He printed a short. I already had, taken from a source he did not identify, with added. Bartley and de Parville that I had.

He also dated the incident as having happened on 2. August 1. 89. 1, not in. February as my other accounts all had it. I soon learned that his story had to be wrong, at least with regard to the date, for I. Bartley that was published on 2.

August 1. 89. 1, three. Barnes dated the incident itself. The story of finding the story is worth. I experienced. throughout my research; furthermore, it was in doing this research that I uncovered what I.

Bartley story as it has come down to us. I began with the only really "hard" evidence I thought I possessed: the.

New York Times, allegedly taken from an issue of the South. Yarmouth Mercury from October 1. A bit of checking at the British Library soon. Indeed there is no place called South. Yarmouth, at least not that I could find on the maps available to me. There is a little.

Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, near Portsmouth on the southern coast, and a. Great Yarmouth, on the coast about a hundred miles northeast of London in East. Anglia. The latter had to be it, since a weekly called the Yarmouth Mercury had in.

Armed with this information, I set aside a Saturday. British Library in Colindale, near the former RAF.

Hendon, about 4. 5 minutes north of central London on the Underground. I soon. discovered to my chagrin that the newspaper I needed to see was being microfilmed and was. Convinced that this was the most important source I might find, I called several. London in an effort to locate one that had a complete run of.

Yarmouth Mercury for 1. Fortunately, some libraries in East Anglia did. Not. particularly anxious to go there myself, I wrote a letter to the Norwich County Library. Bartley story. as found in the Mercury. After hearing nothing for a couple of weeks, I called again and spoke with someone in. Oh yes," she said, "we. Dating Guernsey Channel Islands.

Your whale is very well known here- -the. Gorleston whale, we call it. They keep a file on it at the Great Yarmouth branch." My. I wasn't. going to let it get away. This whale story," I asked, "where was it. In the Yarmouth Independent, in June 1. I asked her to repeat that: "You did say the Independent, not the Mercury.

I stated in my letter? And you did say June, not October? That's very interesting.

Tell. me about your whale." She proceeded to relate what then appeared to be a wholly. I had been chasing. That's not my whale," I told. I reviewed the story I had outlined in my letter. There was mild laughter on the. We all had a good chuckle when we read your story," she.

We found your whale, but there wasn't. Maybe so," I replied, "but I'm coming up to see.

The next day I boarded the train at Liverpool Street for the three hour journey to. Great Yarmouth. It was a truly lovely day, unusually clear for England in mid- July. As I took in the sea birds and tidal. New Jersey. shore, which this countryside so closely resembled. I was going to enjoy this, even if my.

Upon my arrival at the library I went straight for the local studies section, where, to. Gorleston whale and. Dating Site Username Help. I needed to search. I read the file first.

It contained a series of. In June 1. 89. 1 a 3.

Gorleston, just south of Great. Yarmouth. It was soon pursued by several boats and, after numerous attempts to harpoon it.

Hung up by a rope around its tail, the. Then the whale was dissected, producing a "disagreeable effluvium. Subsequently it was decided to milk the whale for all it was worth. The bones were. ground for fertilizer, and a taxidermist was hired to stuff the skin, which was mounted on. London Westminster Aquarium where it was put on. P. T. Barnum. After repeat engagements. Norwich and other East Anglian towns, it was returned to Great Yarmouth, where it.

Clearly this was not my whale- -or was it? Two clippings, one written within days of the. Gorleston whale had inspired a number of humorous. Because no specific reference to the Bartley story was given, we may. I had to wonder. was it. Gorleston whale in another guise? Turning my attention.

There was nothing about. Bartley, or any other whale, in the October issues of the Mercury, and likewise for. November and December.

Going back to February, when Bartley was supposed to have been. I began to work my way forward. Reaching June, I found several articles about.

Gorleston whale, confirming what I had already read, but no Bartley. I was almost. convinced that the folks in Norwich had been correct, that I was on a foolish fishing. James Bartley popped out of the microfilm reader and into my eyes. MAN IN A WHALE'S STOMACH, RESCUE OF A MODERN JONAH," said the headline. The. story agreed in every particular with the little tract that had sparked my expedition.

I've found my whale!" I called out to the librarian as I rose from the table. She was flabbergasted, but the evidence spoke for itself. They're going to be pretty. Norwich when they hear about this," she said. Darn right they. will, I thought as I rode back to London that evening, full of my own success. Having brought my research to what I considered a satisfactory conclusion for the time.

I packed up my fishing gear until I returned home to the States. Here, as time. allowed, I pursued three smaller fish, two of whom grew before my eyes into specimens of. I chased them. First, I contacted officers of the modern descendent. Sir Charles Fox, in an effort to locate any papers of. Sir Francis that might be known to them. In particular, I wanted to find the actual. Parville, if it still survived.

I got not even a tug on my. I had better results with the second fish, an inquiry to the Maritime History Archive. Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland, where the Lloyd's Register is now. Their records show three vessels under British registry bearing the name Star of. East that could have been in service in 1.

No. log book for the barque was found, but the crew agreement showed that in February 1. London to Wellington via New York, a finding that impressed me since it.

Falkland Islands. However, I was. advised by an archivist that, "whaling in the Falkland Islands did not commence until. I have not been able to locate a whaling vessel named Star of the East.". A subsequent inquiry, as we shall see, proved even more enlightening.

The third fish I sought to land was, ironically, found in the volume that started all. Winona Echoes. Thus far I had not paid much attention to Rimmer's sermon on. Jonah, an exact reprint of a tract Rimmer printed in 1. Research Science Bureau. According to information given in. Bible study magazine Wonderful.

Word, edited by Leon Tucker and printed around 1. As I have been unable to locate a.

I cannot say whether it differs at all from the tract. I very much. doubt that it does, since it was characteristic of Rimmer to regurgitate his material. The. very same sermon appeared once again, with one change I will mention below, in The. Harmony of Science and Scripture. In any event the sermon includes a number of. Jonah's home for a few days.

But not one mention of Bartley can be found. I was vexed- -had Rimmer been uncharacteristically suspicious of the story, so much so. Neither possibility seems. Bartley isn't there, at least not by name.

Rimmer does relate a story that. Bartley's tale, somehow the same but somehow different. I would not solve for some months yet. It comes right near the end of. In the Literary Digest we noticed an account of an English sailor who was.

Rhinodon [i. e., a whale shark] in the English Channel. Briefly. the account stated that in the attempt to harpoon one of these monstrous sharks this.