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  • New Rolex Serial Numbers added to database: 2016 = Random serial numbers; 2015 = Random serial numbers; 2014 = Random serial numbers; 2013 = Random serial numbers; 2012 = Random serial numbers; 2011 = Random serial numbers.
  • DATING YOUR GUILD 1952-1960 YEAR APPROXIMATE LAST SERIAL NUMBER PRODUCED 1953 1000-1500 1954 1500-2200 1955 2200-3000 1956 3000-4000 1957. Dating Guild Instruments made in New Hartford.
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Rolex Serial Numbers & Production Dates Lookup Chart( To find the date or year when your Rolex was made, simply enter the full serial number below in the field )New Rolex Serial Numbers added to database: 2. Random serial numbers. Random serial numbers.

Random serial numbers. Random serial numbers. Random serial numbers. Random serial numbers. How to Find The Production Year of Your Rolex Rolex serial numbers are traditionally found between the lugs at the 6 o'clock position (under the bracelet).  Rolex engraves a unique, 5 to 8 digit serial number to every watch it makes that helps determine the approximate date, or year of production for that particular watch.

These sets of numbers, for example 2. Z0. 00. 00. 1 for year 2. In some cases, it may be necessary in some cause to have these numbers to determining the value before selling your Rolex oyster perpetual watch. In 2. 00. 5, however, Rolex began engraving the serial numbers onto the inner rim of the watch, called the "rehaut", for stylistic reasons (see above).  Beginning in 2. Rolex stopped following any sequential numbering system or order altogether and now engraves its watches with a randomized, arbitrary unique identifying number.

While it had been relatively easy to ascertain a watch's approximate age, or year of production using a database of lists assembled over the years, this will no longer be possible with these new random mixed serial numbers (typical samples include "MN7. LK2. 2" or "JH6. 75. TR1" ).  While there is no "Official" Rolex Serial numbers database list from the Rolex Factory that shows dates of production, this chart below lists all the serial numbers gathered by proven authorities over the years. See the list below by production year to learn the year your watch was made. We've also added a serial numbers look- up table for Tudor watches below. These charts will be frequently updated to reflect any changes in the numbering system for future years.

For more information on how these numbers work, click here - Wikipedia. Rolex Serial Numbers - Production Years Table. Serial. Year. Serial. Year. Serial. Year. Serial. Year. Serial.

Year. Serial. Year. Mixed/Random. 20. Random. Mixed/Random.

Random. Mixed/Random. Random. Mixed/Random. Random. Mixed/Random. Random. Mixed/Random. Random. Mixed/Random. S0. 00,0. 01. 19. G0. 00,0. 01. 20.

C0. 00,0. 01. 19. V0. 00,0. 01. 20. N0. 00,0. 01. 19. M0. 00,0. 01. 20.

X0. 00,0. 01. 19. Z0. 00,0. 01. 20. Alpha Body Language In Dating read more. E0. 00,0. 01. 19. D0. 00,0. 01. 20. L0. 00,0. 01. 19.

F0. 00,0. 01. 20. R0. 00,0. 01. 19. Y0. 00,0. 01. 20. K0. 00,0. 01. 20. P0. 00,0. 01. 20. A0. 00,0. 01. 19.

U0. 00,0. 01. 19. T0. 00,0. 01. 19. W0. 00,0. 01. 19. Tudor Serial Numbers - Production Years Table. Serial. Year. Serial.

Year. Serial. Year. Serial. Year. Serial. Year. Serial. Year. H3. 00,0. 00. 20. B5. 60,0. 00. 19. H2. 40,0. 00. 20. B5. 00,0. 00. 19.

H1. 70,0. 00. 20. B3. 90,0. 00. 19. H1. 30,0. 00. 19. B3. 60,0. 00. 19. B9. 90,0. 00. 19. B3. 30,0. 00. 19. B8. 50,0. 00. 19.

B7. 90,0. 00. 19. B5. 90,0. 00. 19. Find How Much Your Rolex is Worth Today Many watch collectors like to know how to locate their serial numbers to help access the value of their watch.  If you are looking to get a quote for your timepiece Call 1- 8. Bob's Watches within the next 2 minutes! Free Instant Rolex Value Form. How to Find the Year Your Rollie Was Made and What It is Worth. Want to know what your Rolex is worth?

Just click on one of the steps below or click here at sell my Rolex watch to get an instant value purchase offer from Bob’s Watches – the most trusted name in pre- owned Rolex watches and rated “A” by the BBB – www. How to Find the Serial Numbers on Your Rolex Watch The serial numbers can be found in one of two places on the watch.  First check the inner rim of the watch face (also called the rehaut, which is french for "flange") between the dial and the crystal.

If the watch was produced in 2. On older Rolexes, this serial is located on the side of the watch case at the 6 o'clock position where the bracelet is attached. To view these serial numbers, the bracelet must be detached from the 6 'clock side of the case. For instructions on removing the bracelet, see the video to the right or call us at 1- 8. Rolex expert. If you are searching "where to find Rolex serial numbers", please visit how- to- find- the- serial- and- model- number- on- your- rolex. FAQ: "where to find the Rolex serial numbers""Rolex serial numbers 2.

Rolex serial numbers location"Find the Model Number on Your Rolex Watch The model or reference number is located on the side of the watch case at the 1. As with the serial number, the bracelet must be detached from the 1. For instructions on removing the bracelet, watch the video above or call us at 1- 8.

Rolex expert. Rolex has been engraving their watches with a unique Rolex serial numbers, and a Rolex models number since the 1. Rolex watch. The production age of a pre- owned Rolex watch is a significant factor in determining its current market value.

As you would expect, the value of a Rolex watch, unlike a fine wine, will decrease in value as new, improved models are launched by Rolex. For example, watches that have Rolex model numbers beginning with the letter Z were produced in the year 2. Rolex with serial numbers that begins with P for the year 2. The age along with other factors such as the condition of the bracelet will help Bob's establish the true, fair market value of the wristwatch.

This distinctive serial number is located on the inside case of the watch between the lugs below the 6 o’clock end of the watch. It is a five to seven digit number starting with 2. You will need to remove the bracelet carefully from the watch using a small screw driver or tack. While this number will tell us when the watch was made by Rolex, it will not tell us when the watch was eventually sold. Also worth noting is that the condition of the watch is as important as its age.  The Rolex serial numbers (also referred to as Rolex style numbers or case number), is also helpful in determining if a watch such as a  Submariner watch is a genuine authentic Rolex as some fakes do not have serial numbers (see How To Spot a Fake Rolex article for tips).  When inspecting the different models of Rolex watches this "look up" tool, or widget, is the only one of its kind in the industry and allows people to easily find the manufacture date of their pre- owned Rolex by the Rolex band serial numbers.  Ebay has a list or chart of the serial numbers with estimated production dates but they too do not have an easy to use look up tool like we provide here. Note: If you need help on how to find the Rolex case number (serial #), please view the video below or check out find my Rolex serial numbers for a quick and easy tutorial about how to find Rolex numbers. Also refer to the Rolex Serial Number Chart below.

Rolex Serial Number. Production Year. 28.

R9. 99,9. 99. 19. L9. 99,9. 99. 19. E9. 99,9. 99. 19. X0. 00,0. 01. 19. N0. 00,0. 01. 19. C0. 00,0. 01. 19.

W0. 00,0. 01. 19. T0. 00,0. 01. 19. U0. 00,0. 01. 19.

A0. 00,0. 01. 19. P0. 00,0. 01. 20. K0. 00,0. 01. 20. Y0. 00,0. 01. 20. F0. 00,0. 01. 20. D0. 00,0. 01. 20. Z0. 00. 00. 12. 00.

M0. 00. 00. 12. 00. V0. 00. 00. 12. 00. Clasp Code: LT2. 00. Clasp Code: E6. R, R5. Ardent Rolex enthusiasts and collectors will often specifically request certain dated Rolex reference numbers when adding to their collections.  Every pre- owned Rolex watch seller, or Rolex buyer, wants to know the true resale value of a previously owned Rolex watch. And since age, along with the condition of the watch, is an important aspect in this process, we have created this handy guide to assist you.  When buying a pre- owned Rolex such as the Rolex Yachtmaster, we encourage all of Bob’s Watches customers to research the popular Rolex case numbers.  We hope you can “bookmark” this page and use it as a tool when you want to buy or sell a Rolex watches.

So if you were searching on Google “find the year my Rolex was made,” or “Rolex serial numbers”, looking to find the production dates of Rolex watches, you have landed at the right place. How do you find the serial number on your Rolex? Check out this Bob's Watches Video Tutorial! If you need additional help pricing your secondhand luxury timepiece, please don't hesitate to give our watch specialists a call at 1- 8.