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Private Schools in Hobart, Tas - Tasmania. Girls: Mount Carmel College.

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I know of girls who went here who 'hung- out' with the Collegiate girls (I went there) and they are EXTREMELY b- tchy and competitive, but the thing that was the worst is that they are severely elitest, which is kind of strange that a Catholic 'seems' like that.. Having said that I do have a friend who enjoyed her time there thoroughly St Mary's College. All of the girls I know who went here as extremely balanced, and sucessful (in their various roles) as adults, they were not known for being skanky, rude or otherwise. It had more of a mix of student from working class and blue collar families, so they never appeared to be snobby or the alike, the parents and teacher seems so supportive (at inter school events etc). I would EASILY send my girl there Collegiate. I went here on a bursary (which means you didn't quite get the marks for a scholarship, but you are still bright, but your parents income is under X amount). It was NEVER advertised that I was a bursary student, although, it was obvious with the girls wearing Country Road, Surfy Clothes and Designer labels when all I could afford is Kmart on my casual dress days.

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The lobby group Free TV Australia wants people to be able to watch adult-rated programs at any time of day. The group, which represents the major free-to-air stations, wants to remove a ban on M-rated content being shown. Browse Most Popular TV Shows. Discover new favorites, watch full episodes, and interact with other TV fans - Private Schools in Hobart, Tas - posted in Tasmania: Hi,I would Like to know what people think about private schools in Hobart, Specifically:Girls:Mount Carmel CollegeSt Mary's CollegeCollegiateFahanBoys:St Virgils.

Other than this I believe that my parents did not receive value for money with the 4k a yr school fees. If you had no money, or weren't a prodigy, no one wanted to know you (both students and teachers). There is a big "group" mentality at tha school as well, them.. I wouldn't send my dog there.. Fahan. I saw from my friends that went here as it being a supportive school, a little 'off the mainstream' and it wasn't as b**ch as Mt Carmel or Collegiate. Some very clever cookies went there!

Boys: St Virgils College. My brother has just graduated from here. Free Dating Sites Polish Uk. He loved the sense of community and friendship with in the school. Everyone was treated equally, the teachers always had time and they encourage you no matter what.

My son is DEF going here They are also quite an academic school too, it's not cool to be dumb, and they are also great with honing sporting and creative endeavours/Hutchins. Agreed with the PP- knew alot of boys from there.. Dating Quiet Girl. VERY materialistic. I remember a case where some students threw lunch meat at an Asian kid because they thought he smelt like ham.. Co- ed: Frends School- seems like a very good school. I like that its a private school and co- ed.

Plus everyone i know from there has done well.. AGREED, but also very materialistic too.. If you don't wear Nike runners your a nobody.. I did find there were alot of "hippy" families who sent there kids there.. Agreed.. BUT BUT BUT they have a huge reputation of being really early drug users too, I went to a house party in yr 9 (I snuck out) where the 'rich' parents were shooting up ketamine from their Vet Practise.. I knew were heavy weed smokers..

Dominic College. The few who I know who went there loved it, but they aren't very academic.. St Aloysuis College (Kingston)Sorry, nothing! Mackillop College. Know alot of girls who went here.. They are very down to earth girls.. I would sent me kids here for sure if i stll live on the easternshore.

AGREED WITH PP.. we are on the Eastern Shore and the kids will be going here since they are in the feeder schools.. Guilford Young College. I went public for College but I would DEF send my children here, nearly everyone I know who went here is sucessful in their chosen areas (trade, uni, travel, parents etc).. Sacred Heart College, Newtown. Very unsupportive.

Load of sexual activity with the people I knew of who went there.. Ahhhhh was too tired to re- read so hopefully u get my drift cheers!

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