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How Do You Get to Stay in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite? Everything. Mouse Guide To Disney. Cinderella Castle Suite.

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  4. It would be Magnificently Magical if we could spend her 11th Birthday in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite! What a treat for my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters this would be!! Allison has put WDW on her “bucket.

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How do you make a reservation at Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite in the Magic Kingdom? How can you get to stay inside Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite? The Cinderella Castle Suite is the only hotel room inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately the answer is that it is not exactly straightforward! Many of us dream of staying in Cinderella’s Castle but few will ever get the opportunity as it takes rather more than just a little bit of Disney Pixie Dust to get the chance to spend a night in Magic Kingdom. A Disney Cinderella Castle Suite Reservation is unfortunately something which not even money can buy and is open only to a very fortunate few. Win a Stay in Cinderella Castle Suite.

Photo by Darren. Wittko. Disney World first announced the creation of the Cinderella Suite in 2.

The space which is now the Cinderella Castle Suite was originally intended to be a place that Walt Disney and his family would stay in the park. Sadly of course Walt never got to see his creation as he died in December 1. Magic Kingdom opened. Before 2. 00. 6 the space in Cinderella Castle was empty, although at times it was used for storage and was also the home of the Disney telephone operators for a while. But with the launch of The Year of A Million Dreams in 2. Disney wanted something as a very special prize for a select few lucky guests. Someone was chosen at the parks each day to spend the night, with up to 5 guests in Cinderella’s Castle Suite.

What exactly is inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite? It has the kind of amazing detailing that you would expect from the Disney Imagineers. The Suite is intended to make you feel not just that you are inside the Castle but that you are immersed in the whole experience.

The inspiration for the design of the Cinderella Suite were the 1. French chateaus upon which the Castle was modeled. The Suite has ornate furnishings in dark woods with opulent fabrics.

Watch this video for an exclusive tour and peek inside the Cinderella Castle Suite. The Cinderella Castle Suite is on the fourth floor and is accessed by a special elevator. Dating Audiobook there. Inside the Suite is perhaps smaller than most people imagine at just 6.

The bedroom has 2 beautiful Queen sized beds facing an ornate fireplace. Above the fireplace is a 1. Cinderella. But of course all is not what it seems as the portrait magically transforms into a flat screen television!

There is even a remote control for the lights and the fireplace. Cinderella’s Glass Slipper finds pride of place in the Suite. The bathroom houses a huge garden tub with ornate stained glass windows and a twinkling star ceiling. Guests may be surprised that it isn’t easy to get a view of the Magic Kingdom from the Suite. The windows are small and stained glass.

There is a balcony outside the Suite but it is not accessible for guests. So how do you make a reservation for Cinderella’s Castle Suite? Unfortunately you can’t.

Disney occasionally gives away a nights stay as a prize. The latest guest to stay at the Cinderella Suite was Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary on December 1. So obviously being an international superstar who has made Disney many millions of dollars must help in getting a reservation! So what would you give to stay inside Cinderella Castle Suite? Leave a comment below! You may also like.

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